Review of digital marketing performances of business players in Chennai

T Nagar seems to be the hub of shopping. Come year end, the place is bubbling with life. Be it jewelry, textiles, footwear, food joints, the place covers it all. Not just that, almost all big business players in Tamil Nadu, seem to have an outlet in T Nagar.

Given such a majestic buzz for T Nagar, what would be the digital marketing presence of the big players in that region?


We at Brand Moustache have taken an extensive study to find out what is the digital marketing presence of reputed businesses in T Nagar.

  1.       POTHYS:

This textile giant seems to have a constant share of visits flowing into its website. On an average the textile giant clocks about 3,000 visits every day. That apart, Pothys also has about 85,000 monthly visits and a staggering 10, 00, 000 yearly visits. On an average, Pothys seems to have about 8,500 Unique Pageviews. The bounce rate for the store seems to hover around 28-28.4%.

A staggering majority of the website traffic for Pothys seems to stem from these top search results such as- Kancheepuram Silk Sarees, Silk Sarees, Uppada Sarees among the several others.


  1.       RMKV:

Another close competitor to Pothys is RMKV. RMKV, which is another big textile player also has a significant digital marketing presence. On an average, RMKV is accessed by 1600 daily visits. On the broader spectrum, RMKV has about 50,000 monthly visits and 6, 00, 000 annual visits. RMKV seems to have a slightly higher bounce rates over the other players and the textile giant seems to have 36.40% bounce rate.

Major website traffic for RMKV comes from the search results such as Silk sarees, bridal sarees, and wedding sarees.



Saravana Stores is a giant of a player in Chennai. The venture covers multiple businesses such as everyday utilities, textiles, jewels, footwear, accessories, and gadgets among the several others.  Surprisingly, the venture seems to have just 600 visits every day. Similarly, Saravana Stores seems to have over 1500 unique page views every day and an average bounce rate of 29.90%

A striking majority of the website traffic for Saravana Stores seems to stem from the following search results: Saravana stores.


  1.       NALLI:

Nalli Silks is a prominent entity in T Nagar. The venture has critical acclaim for its silk sarees that are appreciated across the world. The business garners about 2,700  visits every day and a staggering 82,000 monthly visits. In a similar vein, Nalli also has over 8200 unique page views and has a bounce rate of 29.30%

A huge redirect for website traffic for Nalli comes from the following  search results : silk sarees, Banarasi sarees, Nalli silks.



Prince Jewellery is a major player in the domain of exotic and exquisite jewels. The venture has over 400 daily views and about 13,000 monthly views. Extending the same, Prince Jewellery also has about 1, 60,000 annual visits. The bounce rate for Prince Jewellery is 32%.

The website redirects for Prince Jewellery comes from major search engine result like ‘Prince jewelry’.


  1.       JOY ALUKKAS:

This jeweler too seems to have a strong base in Chennai as well as Kerala. The business seems to clock about 1,200 daily visits every day and about 36,000 monthly visits every month. On a broader picture, Joy Alukkas also has about 5,600 unique page views every day. A majority of the website traffic for Joy Alukkas seems to derive from the search engine result: Joy Alukkas.


  1.        VASANTH & CO:

Vasanth and Co is leading home appliance dealer in the city. The venture draws about 1300 daily visits and about 39,000 monthly visits. Also, Vasanth and Co has about 4000 unique page views and maintains a bounce rate of 55.20%.

The major search engine results that direct traffic to Vasanth and Co include: Vasanth and co, Daikin AC.


  1.       VIVEKS:

Viveks is another major player that seems to have a prominent base in the city. The venture seems to have an average of 1,000 daily visitors and 4,000 monthly visitors. Also, Viveks clocks about 4,00,000 yearly visitors each year. Similarly, Viveks also has bounce rate of 35%

In general, major traffic inflow for Viveks seems to be drawn from the search engine results: Viveks, air cooler price, grinder price.


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