The Piano Stairs

Volkswagen, the premier auto-mobile maker has always demonstrated enormous innovation when it came to cars. Never did one anticipate the auto-giant to make heads turn with a social campaign.

Volkswagen made a pioneering social campaign with “The Piano Stairs”. The motive behind the concept was simple: – to make commuters take the stairs over elevators and escalators.
The zealous creative-team revamped a mundane flight of stairs into a fully functional piano. The black and white keys painted over the stairs chimed a note each time a commuter took the stairs. Incidentally, the number of commuters who took “the piano stairs” was staggeringly more than the elevator and escalator users.

The campaign which stressed upon the issue of physical exercise alsoadded a sense of enjoyment and amusement. This campaign stands as a testimony to how an element of fun can add an entirely new dimension to a social campaign.

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