A check-list for social media interactions

Long gone is the era where face-to-face conversation was the fad. Now, in this realm which is enveloped a thick sheet of technological revolution, social media announcements and conversations seem to be the new-age discussion medium. Be it the announcement of a new product, or a new-fangled form of media marketing or the simply 
the addition of a new post, a brand or a company needs to get the knack right. Things can certainly go downhill if the wrong message gets communicated on the social forum. Time and again, numerous seemingly trivial, yet significant mistakes cost a fortune for a brand and company.

Here is a look that such seemingly trivial, yet hugely significant areas around which brands and company can try to work around on the social forums.

1.  Be consistent on the social forum
Long absence on the social media is a definite indicator of a weakness. Try to be consistent with your posts and announcements. Try your best to come up with engaging posts or updates. In the case of dearth of any fresh ideas, don’t hesitate to even make a simple post.Keep up your brand and business updated at least on a weekly basis.
Consistency on the social forum is definitely a key to success for brands and businesses on social media.

2.  Aim for maximum User engagement
If consistency is one side of the coin, user engagement is the other. A consistent update on the social media platforms, coupled with an extraordinary user engagement strategies guarantees stellar results. Gauge what your users require and act accordingly. Most importantly give a coherent and instantaneous reply to user queries. Aim for
maximum user engagement and work on the same with due diligence.

3. Broaden your presence on all platforms
Though there is a host of social media platforms, try not to have an overwhelming presence on a single portal. With a widened presence comes a wide reach. Try to have a strong presence on multiple platforms rather than a huge base in a single portal. Ensure that each of the platforms harnesses the best feature it provides.  Keep a
steady and consistent presence on all platforms concurrently.

4.  Don’t voluntarily tag/post on someone’s wall.
It is certain that user engagement works. However, a business needs to demarcate user engagement from spamming. A bombardment of messages may lead to the posts being construed as spam and hence may pull-down the

business value. Hence, know to draw a line between optimal user engagement and spam. Also, do not exert hyper-enthusiasm by taking the liberty of post on a user’s wall without their consent.  Unnecessary
promotional techniques cause lower visibility. Hence, work on maintaining a well-defined promotional measure.

5. Be proactive while deciding the content.
Ultimately, it is the message which triumphs and not the medium. Hence, decide on what should be posted on the social media. Never post a message, photos or ideas which are openly criticizing of individuals
or a group. Keep the message error-free in terms of relevance and context.  Ensure that the message is engaging and lively.

The social media indeed throws a plethora of opportunities for businesses and brands. It certainly rests with the individual businesses and brands to capitalize the same in the most optimal way possible.


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