5 incredible logos with hidden meaning

Granted. You have seen these logo multiple times. From Television Commercials to newspapers ads, these logos have featured across several platforms.

But, do you know what the logos inherently mean?

Perhaps not! Take another close look at these logos and know what these brilliant logos are trying to convey.


One quick glance and you will settle with the fact that it simply spells ‘Tour De France’. But you are wrong!

Examine closely and you will find that the ‘letter R’ is stylized and designed so as to resemble a cyclist. Not simply that, the yellow spot also represents the glorious Sun.  The creative team seems to have gone the extra mile with the typography. Kudos to the team!



The vibrant hue of yellow against the pervasive shade of black does have some magic. However, did you know that Amazon boasts to have a stock of  all products from A-Z? This philosophy has been rightfully highlighted in their logo. Also, the arrow is intended to signify a smile that runs across the customers’ face as they get a product from Amazon. The intricacy has certainly been well thought of!



You might have seen this logo numerous times right at your homes or at your workplaces. However, did you observe what the logo really implied? Not quite!

You might simply think that VAIO is just written across as a logo. But, the creative team seems to have gone the step ahead. The logo reflects the transformation of analog waves into digital waves. Also, the I and O in the logo is meant to represent the Binary language. The creative team has indeed designed and crafted such a thoughtful logo that most of us might not have acknowledged until now!.




Do you just see a mountain peak? If yes, please take a second look. If you look closely at the image, you would see a bear in an upright position. The makers of the candy decided that the origin of Toblerone must be highlighted. Since it originated in Switzerland, the makers decided to honor Bears in their logo since Switzerland is commonly known as the city of Bears.  Now that’s  one aesthetic design that has been well crafted.



You might have heard of the Golden Gate Bridge, but did you ever know that a company would use the same on its logo? Not quite!

CISCO took the bold step to actually incorporate the Golden Gate Bridge into its logo. In addition to that, the tech company has also highlighted the fact that they are into digital signals and technology related equipment by coolly highlighting the rays of digital signals.





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